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Born on April 14, 2009 at Bear Country, SD
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 20, 2009

Sex: Female
Lives with Arrow

Zephir is a white female, arctic wolf born in Spring 2009 at a Wildlife Safari Park named Bear Country in South Dakota. She did not come alone, with her were seven other puppies. Three litter mates and four Canadian  Grey wolf pups that grew up together in the same enclosure at the Park. Due to the failing economy the park had been unable to sell the two littlers and no longer had room to house them. A volunteer drove many miles for the transport and at nearly four months old they arrived at M:W in a horse trailer.

 Magpie was just coming out of a false pregnancy and had no idea that she was to be a surrogate mom for eight big pups. She and Abe eagerly took them in and just as the pups started to settle into life, a virus hit the pups. We lost two of the grey wolves and one of the artics. Zephir slowed down a bit but as one of the bigger pups she shrugged off the virus herself and has grown to be one of the larger females living at the refuge.

For over a year she was raised by Abe and Magpie, as part of the ambassador pack she cautiously watched visitors from a distance over the summer. Of all the pups she is shyest around people.  

 She grew up with her brother Illiamna and a large black colored male wolf named Arrow. Today Zephir and Arrow now live in their own enclosure. Though both are shy, they are perhap two of the most bonded wolves at the refuge and can regularly be seen sleeping together high up on the hill.