Rosie Valkyrie

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Born on March 12, 2013 at Ponce de Leon, Florida
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on April 16, 2013

Sex: Female
Lives with Tiger

Rosie Valkyrie (Val) and her brother Tiger were born in captivity at a private wolf sanctuary in Florida on March 12th, 2013. With help from M:W staff Pietro and Robyn, the two infants were bottle fed as they traveled across the US and arrived at M:W at the very young age of four weeks. The two pups quickly adapted to their new Rocky Mountain environment and were ready to explore the fresh snow after just a few days. As they learned to eat solid food and gained mobility with their clumsy legs - the two demanded to explore outside and quickly disappeared in the deep snow. They only lasted a few minutes in their first snowy adventure before they scrambled back into the warmth and safety of their new home. 

As they have gotten older they have been spending more and more time at the sanctuary. They now spend every day with the ambassadors, and most nights too. Abraham acts as the firm but fair father, Magpie is the doting, worrying mother, and Zeab is the fun uncle whom the pups love to play with, chew on, and bother when he is trying to nap. They are still getting used to greeting large groups of people, but they have showed signs of progress and are starting to come up to the people who sit closest to their den. We are extremely hopeful that they will grow into brave wolves that enjoy meeting people so that they can become the next generation of ambassadors.

Rosie is very adventurous and spirited; she loves exploring new areas and meeting new people. She is lighter in color and slightly smaller than her brother Tiger, a little more timid, but when she gets to know someone she will cover them in kisses and muddy paw prints. Still growing, we expect that she will be one of the larger females we have had at the sanctuary.