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Born on January 15, 2010
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on December 15, 2010

Sex: Male

Minigan is thought to be a belgian shepard wolf mix. He came to us from Dumb Friends League out of Denver. He had been given up by his owner when she was forced to move in with her father. Minigan was so shy that the shelter could not even do a behavior test on him, as all he would do is cower in a corner. Mission: Wolf was contacted to take him and he arrived at the refuge in the winter of 2010.

Since his behavior was more dog-like than wolf-like we put him  in our socialization pen with another wolf hybrid named Asia. The two lived happily together until Asia, who was not enjoying living amongst humans was taken back to live with Valley Spirit and Talon. Minigan remained very shy and would allow only a select few people to come near him. Our staff's efforts to socialize Minigan have begun to show, as he will now happily approach almost all of the refuge's staff members. Though he is still very shy of new people it does not take Minigan long to warm up, especially if people take him for walks. Minigan can regularly be seen sleeping on the couch in the kitchen or happily running around his play pen.