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Born on April 18, 2005 at Wolf Country USA: Palmer, AK
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on October 29, 2008

Sex: Female
Lives with Texx

McKinley was born in April 2005 at Wolf Country USA in Palmer, Alaska. She was sold as a high content wolf dog to a couple in Colorado. She lived in the house with her owners for two years until they got divorced and sold their home. Mckinley was then found by a realtor in the back yard of the house. She was taken to a local dog shelter, where due to a mistake made by one of their staff, she bit someone.


Most wild animals that bite a person are destroyed and tested for rabies. Luckily, other wolf rescue folks stepped in to prevent her from being destroyed but had to transfer her to another shelter. A professional dog trainer was able to pick her up as the wolf bus was returning to the refuge from a long tour. We all met at the refuge and watched as McKinley explored her new home at Mission:Wolf in the fall of 2008.

 She was timid at first and lived alone for a couple months until we took in another rescue. In January we introduced her to Texx. He is long legged and very tall and is colored almost the same as McKinley. Texx was an ex-pet from Texas that was able to escape and allowed to run loose through a residential subdivision for months. Texx is not as content living in an enclosure and does not trust people as much as McKinley does.

They were both cautious of each other at first but quickly made friends. They share a large wooded enclosure and spend much of their time exploring together. McKinley seems to enjoy living here and has befriended several staff. She is a relaxed spirit and offers timid Texx a lot of comfort and calmness. Both remain a little skittish around new staff but have happily adapted to life at the refuge.