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Born on January 1, 2007 at Michigan
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 24, 2007

Sex: Male
Lives with Daisy

Fenris and his sister Amulet came to us in the summer of 2007.  Their mother was found to be pregnant after she and seventeen other wolves were confiscated from a private compound in Michigan during a gun and drug raid that resulted in a policeman and the owner being shot. 

 Many of the animals including the pregnant wolf were taken to the Michigan Humane Society. It was here that Fenris and Amulet along with their other two litter mates where born. Mother and puppies lived together for four months in a 10x10 enclosure with little human interaction, and dogs barking all around them. Since barking is a warning signal to wolves this caused the mother and all four pups to live in almost constatnt terror.  In addition, the trauma their mother had encountered from watching the death of her owner and being moved into an unfamiliar environment was also transferred to the puppies through high levels of adrenaline in-utero.

We agreed to take two of the puppies in the hope that their young age would allow us the ability to socialize them. They were the most terrified pups we have ever received. Fenris and Amulet spent their first two months at the refuge cowering and fear barking in the back of their enclosure, so we introduced them to Magpie, an outgoing female ambassador wolf. We hoped that she would teach them to be more comfortable around humans.  Instead, the timid pups rejected Magpie's efforts to care for them and hid from her as well. She soon became so stressed at having these terrified pups living with her that Magpie also began to avoid human contact.  We gave her a break and separated the pups. Each one went to live with a socialized adult wolf. Raven adopted Fenris and Amulet was introduced to a black male named Merlin.  Now unable to feed off each other’s fear, Fenris and Amulet began to settle down and look up to their new companions.

In the years that Fenris has been at the refuge he has grown into a strikingly handsome wolf with a stark black coat and white chest. Since he has become more outgoing we have now paired him with a wolf-dog similar in age named Daisy.  The two of them hit it off and he quickly earned Daisy’s respect as he stood up to her challenge over food. The two are often found lying close to each other and spend much of the day playing and chasing each other around.