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Born on April 15, 2002
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on August 29, 2006

Sex: Female
Lives with Fenris

Daisy came to us from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She was found wandering the streets as a pup, and was taken in by a caring couple. Daisy grew up with a loving family that knew they were raising a wolf hybrid, but had no idea how much wolf she actually was. Daisy matured into a beautiful grey wolf and shows little dog behavior or appearance. As Daisy matured she also became independent, and was not a typical pet. The family adapted for over four years, but when her owner became pregnant Daisy started challenging her for the alpha position. It was at this time that the family knew they had to find Daisy a new home.

Daisy arrived at Mission: Wolf in 2006. In the years that she has been here Daisy has lived with several different male wolves. At first she had little idea how to relate to other wolves because she was raised with dogs in Virginia. She was very rough and dominated  her first two mates. Both mates were hot headed males around people, but Daisy knew how to put them in their place, and yet still be gentle around her caretakers.

After a few years we introduced her to a timid male named Fenris. When she challenged him for food he stood his ground and surprised her. She soon gained a new respect and became playful with the young male. He is now much happier and she found a friend to share time with calmly. Daisy has gained confidence and now comes up to the fence regularly to greet our staff members. She is a very sweet wolf-dog that has adjusted well to life here at the refuge.

Daisy has been slowly losing her eyesight due to Pannus, a common German Shepherd eye disease, the dog cross we believe she is mixed with. She lost sight in one eye completely in the summer of 2010. Although we know her sight is limited she does not know it. Her wild instincts allow her to run through her wooded landscape freely, and she seldom stumbles – a feat that most humans would be challenged to do without eyesight.