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Born on April , 2010 at North Carolina
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on October , 2011

Sex: Female
Lives with Ash

Cephira came to us in October 2011 from an animal shelter in Salt Lake City. She was bought as a red wolf cross from a breeder in North Carolina. She lived in the house with her owners for about a year, before neighbors complained and caused her to be confiscated by animal control. Since she was part wild animal the shelter could not adopt Cephira out and would have had to euthanize her. Arctic Rescue located in Provo, UT intervened and transported her to the refuge. Luckily Mission: Wolf was contacted and when Cephira first arrived, she quickly warmed up to several of our staff. It became apparent that she came from a happy home and was a very social girl. Having Cephira with us has been a delight.
Since she was only 18 months old when she arrived, we paired her with another wolf hybrid named Minigan, who staff had been trying to socialize. Though the two almost instantly fell in love with each other, they became very possessive of people who entered their enclosure and would sometimes fight. Since Minigan is more dog we decided to allow him to live in the kitchen with the staff. Cephira was more wolf and was moved to a larger outside enclosure with another young male wolf named Ash. The two immediately fell in love with each other and are still happily living together today.