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Born on April 19, 2009 at Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue, IL
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on April 27, 2009

Sex: Male
Lives with Oreo

Buku arrived at Mission: Wolf in the spring of 2009, when he and his siblings Oreo, Batman, and Asia were only four days old. Their mother, Valley Spirit, and another wolf hybrid named Talon had been confiscated from their owner and taken to a dog shelter, where Valley gave birth to the four pups two days before she was to be transtported to the refuge. When the six arrived at Mission: Wolf, Talon was placed in the vet building pen while Valley and the pups were taken to a wooded enclosure. Valley immediatly began exploring her new home and on finding an old den, cleaned it out and one by one carried her pups down to it.

Over the next few weeks, staff saw none of the pups as they remained well hidden in the den. Valley however was becoming increasingly friendly and social. When the pups finally did emerge, staff were shocked to see what looked to be four lab puppies stumble out of the den. We had assumed that since he came from the same property, Talon was the pups' father. We have since attained information that the pups' father is actually a pitbull.

As a puppy Buku proved to a bit mishievous and would occasionally try to take items from his siblings, mother, and even human staff. He was also one of the bravest puppies and would regularly approach staff to be pet. As Buku grew older he became more wolf-like, meaning that he was very shy and timid of humans. Today Buku  lives with his brother Oreo and another hybrid named Kiya. Though Buku is the omega of the pack, he is very happy living with his two companions, and the three can regualrly be heard excitedly barking during feeding.