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Born on March 1, 2007 at Salt Lake City, UT
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 9, 2007

Sex: Male
Lives with Magpie, Zeab

Abraham, better known as Abe, was found on the streets of Salt Lake City in 2007 at four months of age. His long legs, webbed feet, big head, narrow chest, and amber colored eyes were all classic wolf characteristics. By law, the shelter that had taken him in could not find a home for Abe once he was identified as a wolf-dog, so he was to be euthanized. A Husky rescue in the area helped save Abe and transported him to the refuge. Abe was a very gregarious, happy and social animal when he arrived and quickly learned to love visitors. Magpie, our ambassador wolf, was alone and needed companionship. She was delighted to meet him and they bonded quickly.


As a pup, Abe looked and acted like a wild wolf with few dog traits other than his happy attitude toward meeting new people. By six months of age, he was not growing as big as expected and by the time he was a year old it was apparent Abe was more dog than wolf. By two years of age, some questioned if little Abe had much wolf ancestry at all.


Regardless of his background, Abe and Magpie make a dynamic team and thrive on meeting new people and exploring the country in the wolf bus.


In 2009 Maggie and Abe were able to help foster and raise eight wolf pups that were brought to Mission: Wolf from a wildlife safari park. Once the pups adjusted to life at the refuge they all moved on to other packs. For a year Magpie and Abe guided three pups – Arrow, Illiamna and Zephir – who now have their own packs.


In the summer of 2010 Abe and Magpie were surprised when three young wolf pups named Farah, Zeab and Apollo arrived. These pups arrived as babies and are now very bonded to Magpie and Abe as family. These five were known as the Ambassador pack. All five are outgoing and very social around people. They have successfully completed a full tour of New England and are a dynamic part of the ambassador wolf program as a “pack” of wolves that walks into a room of people. In the fall of 2011 we split up the pack, so that Farah and Apollo now live together, apart from the pack. Abraham misses them, but still enjoys acting as a father to Zeab, who continues to visit schools around the ocuntry with his "parents."

In May 2013, Abe and Magpie adopted Tiger and Rosie, two pups from a private wolf sanctuary in Florida. Abe acts as their firm but fair father, and has welcomed the pups into the Ambassador pack.