Resources for Teachers

We hope to have some lesson plans about wolves, ecosystems, and the environment posted soon. For now, try reading Aldo Leopold's "Thinking Like a Mountain" aloud to your students (middle school through college). It's a quick, easy read that changed the way the world thinks about wolves and ecology.

Below is some discussion of which books on our reading list work for which grade levels.

College Level

All books on the list are appropriate for college level. For writing classes, try Edward Abbey or Craig Childs. For philosophy and environmental ethics courses, try Jack Turner's The Abstract Wild or Jared Diamond's Collapse. For history or policy classes, try Diamond's Collapse, Wilkinson's Crossing the Next Meridian, McPhee's Encounters with the Archdruid, and Reisner's Cadillac Desert.

High School Level

Advanced high school students will like most of the list. We recommend Silent Spring, Better Off, and The Omnivore's Dilemma for class discussions about the environment. Recommend Bryson's A Walk in the Woods and Krakauer's Eiger Dreams as pleasure reading for any student (they're fun adventure stories). If a student is especially interested in the environment or outdoor adventure, Into the Wild, Walden, and Desert Solitaire are world-class books that are extremely influencial for students.