Land Conservation

whats at stake wilderness camping huntingColorado’s well-known alpine areas have been preserved as National Parks and Wilderness Areas, but our lower elevation wild land is still threatened by development. Explosive population growth in Colorado is turning up the pressure to develop land for fossil fuels and vacation homes. With a million extra people in our state in the last ten years it has never been more important to conserve land for future generations.

At Mission: Wolf, we host kids’ camps, student groups, and volunteer world peace camps year-round. On our land, children begin a lifelong love of nature and animals. Here, people come face-to-face with the wild nature of the wolf. We instill lasting ethics in the people that visit Now, with pressure to develop mounting, our little valley is in danger of losing its wild character and its future as a wild place for future generations.

How Can You Help?

Phase 1 of our project is complete: a 450 acre preserve surrounding our 50 acres of wolf enclosures.

Our next step is to preserve the Williams Creek Drainage northeast of Mission: Wolf. With this addition, Mission: Wolf would be surrounded on three sides by public land, preventing encroaching development for generations to come. Williams Creek flows year-round, has National Forest Access, and would provide outstanding camping and backpacking opportunities for our visitors.
Beautiful Landscape Mission: Wolf
The staff and directors of Mission: Wolf encourage you to become a partner and help us realize our vision for the future. You can help with our conservation project in two ways:
  1. Tax deductible contributions can be made to Mission: Wolf and designated for our land project.
  2. Individuals may purchase 35-acre tracts and include them in our nature preserve.
If you are interested in helping us in our conservation goals, please contact us directly for more information.