Day Visits to Mission: Wolf

Wolves with kidsHours: Open 9 am - 4 pm, every day of the year. Please call ahead if you have a party of ten or more.

Cost: Free! We ask for cash donations or items from our wish-list. Please be fair, generous, and honest with how much you can give. With no government funding, we run entirely on donations.

Meet A Wolf: We cannot guarantee a wolf visit. We try to take visitors in daily to meet our ambassador wolves, but visits can only take place if the wolves, the weather, and our projects agree with one another. The wolves are most active Wednesdays and Saturdays, as those are our Big Feed days; this makes Wednesday or Saturday the best days to see wolves and potentially meet one, as well. Big Feed visits happen sporadically between 11am and 2pm, so please arrive between 9am and 12pm for a tour and hope for a visit afterward.
The worst days to visit the refuge are Sundays and Thursdays, when the wolves are asleep and digesting. The wolves are lethargic after our big feeds, becoming more social as they digest some of their huge meal. 

Big Feed: The wolves are fed two "Big Feeds" a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We feed the wolves throughout the day, as their food is prepared. Arrive between 9am and 12pm for a tour and, with some luck, you may see some of our residents wolf down their food. 

Daily Feed: We no longer have visitors help us with our morning feed. Official tours begin at 9 am.

Children: All children are welcome to Mission:Wolf, however we do recommend an age limit of 6 years old for children around the wolves. Our wolves see children as puppies and want to play. Because younger children are more likely to rile up our wolves, for safety purposes, children may be limited to certain areas on the tour.

Volunteer: We always have projects to do. Whatever skills you have, we can find a way to put them to work. We always have need of people to do metalworking, gardening, chainsaw work, and office work. Read more about volunteering here.

Camping: We have a tent campsite available free of charge (donations are appreciated). Please read about camping overnight here before planning your camping visit.

Directions: Please don't use google maps or a GPS! You will get lost! Click here for our simple, accurate directions.

Surrounding Area: It's easy to incorporate other destinations into your visit to Mission: Wolf. Click here for more about our area.

Winter Conditions: From November through May, our roads are frequently impassable due to snow drifts and deep mud. There is no cell phone coverage on our roads. Come prepared to dig yourself out of a snowdrift or hike to find help. We recommend that you bring tire chains, a shovel, and enough clothing and food to survive a night in your vehicle at -40°F.

Weather: Mission: Wolf is located at 9,300 feet. Mountain weather is unpredictable and changes quickly. No matter the season, be prepared for anything. In general, summer is hot and sunny with afternoon thunderstorms and cool nights. Fall has a mix of cold and warm days with cold nights. Our first snow typically falls in early October. Winter is sunny but extremely cold. Large snowdrifts can block roads. To check our local forcast, click here.