Ambassador Wolf Program Host Set-Up Checklist

Ambassador Wolf Program Host Set-Up Checklist
This checklist is offered as a guide to help hosts prepare for the wolf program. The most important objective is to provide the audience a comfortable seating arrangement that provides the wolf with ample room to move about and allows each person in the audience a chance to see the wolf as close as possible. This will help assure the wolf feels comfortable and increase the potential for interaction with the audience.

Bus Parking: The wolf travels in a large motor-coach style bus. It is the size of a Greyhound and needs to be parked as close to the program room as possible and with easy access to program room; stair case and busy hallways will scare the wolves. The bus itself is big (11’ tall and 42’ long). It is the host’s responsibility to obtain any required parking permits and/or ask permission to park in unusual places.

Room Selection: The most desirable is an auditorium or theater that offers all audience members a clear view of the stage. A gymnasium works fine, and if necessary, we will use the largest room available. The public entrance needs to be separate from the wolf entrance when possible. Outdoor events are discouraged, distractions to both the audience and the wolf disrupt the program and the wolf is less interested in the audience and more interested in exploring the surroundings.

Microphone: We request a microphone be set up for our use. A wireless handheld unit is most desired; a wireless lapel will work fine. If a wireless is not an option we need the longest cord available on the microphone. No podium or microphone stand is required.

Seating arrangement: The closer each audience member can be to the wolf the more impact the program will have. In a large Gym or room we can provide the best opportunity for individuals to see the wolf by seating people in a large circle, backs against the wall, as tight shoulder-to-shoulder as possible. This will create a single line of people so everyone gets a front row seat. If the audience is too big a second, third, or even fourth row will still provide an intimate experience and offer the wolf ample room to move about in.

Horseshoe seating with slide Circular seating for school events show for public events
Public Programs and Events:

Adult or Children event? Hosts my find it desirable to limit the evening audience age level to six years old and up, or offer a separate children’s event prior to the feature event. We find too often that young children and infants are unable to stay seated for the duration of an evening event. One tired (and often noisy youngster) may cause enough disruption to shorten the program and limit or prevent wolf interaction with the audience.

Slide Show (for public programs only): Mission: Wolf will offer a power point presentation prior to the wolves entering the room.  We request a digital projector, screen, power source and light control be provided by the host. We will provide our MAC Book and adaptors.

Display Tables: We need three folding tables set up at the program entrance to display handouts, pictures, posters and sales items. Two or more Volunteers are needed to help manage the table.

Poster & Flyers: Please feel free to use any image from our website to make poster’s or flyers for your event.  Here are some preselected photo’s you can pick from.