Off-Season Volunteer

When we're not in our busy summer season, we are more flexible with our volunteers. We're looking for solid humans to hold down the place through the fall, winter, and spring. It's easier to work these seasons if you have spent a summer at Mission: Wolf, since our off-season staff have more responsibilities.

Job Description

If you've read our summer volunteer page, it will seem similar to this one.

All volunteer staff members participate in community chores: cleaning, feeding and watering wolves, and processing meat. All volunteers give hour-long educational tours to visitors of all ages. For most of the summer, we focus our energy on education, teaching over 10,000 visitors about wolves, ecology, and sustainability.

We divide our work into five areas: animal care, education, non-profit management, facilities and vehicle maintenance, and sustainability. We have 3-5 core staff who oversee operations in each area. You will be an assistant to the core staff, taking responsibility for specific aspects of Mission: Wolf's daily operations. We choose staff based on experience, and try to have a well rounded skill set among our community. We expect volunteers to work in the area they are most experienced in, but we encourage everybody to branch out and learn all 5 areas. Some examples of tasks include:

Animal Care: Communicating with ranchers about meat donations and sick animals, picking up animals to feed the wolves, monitoring animal health
Education: Giving educational tours, working on projects with groups of kids, maintaining our visitor center
Facilities and Vehicles Maintenance: Keeping vehicle fluids and tires filled, fixing broken things, keeping the tool shop organized
Non-Profit Management: Answering phones, sending mailings, maintaining our database of supporters, managing finances
Sustainability: Maintaining and turning compost, planting and watering our gardens and greenhouses, harvesting vegetables to feed the staff, weeding our property, planting and watering trees and native plants, processing vegetable oil for our vehicles that burn it

Working at Mission: Wolf is a full-time commitment. We are open for tours every day and feed the wolves every day. We expect you to balance work with personal time on your own schedule. Some people like to work every day and take long vacations, while others like to take a few days off each week. Time off is not a problem, so long as you have all your responsibilities covered while you're gone. If you are planning any vacations longer than one week, please let us know when you apply.

Our Requirements

During our off-season (September through May), we're looking for long commitments. We give priority to those who can stay for six months or more, spending the summer at Mission: Wolf on either end of their stay. We try not to have new staff arrive in the winter, since the living is hard and it's harder to get new staff up to speed when they're getting used to the Colorado mountain winter. Year-long commitments or longer can work too, helping to train your replacement the following year.

We are looking for volunteers who have solid skills and life experience. In general, our staff is "good at stuff," using experience and judgment to do things they aren't familiar with. People who grew up on farms typically fall into this category, understanding machines, living creatures, and the interconnectedness of all things. Successful volunteers have lived on their own, held a job, and participated in group activities. We give priority to applicants who have extensive practical experience in one of our five areas of work: animal care, education, facilities and vehicle maintenence, non-profit management, or sustainability.

We set no minimum age, we set high expectations for how our volunteers will do their work, interact with the public, and contribute to the community. We judge people based on the work they do and their maturity in human and animal interactions.
We have no education requirements, but most of our staff have a college education or are in college. We are acknowledged as a leading source of information on wolves, wildlife-human interaction, and practical sustainability. We need staff members who understand the science behind all of that and can communicate it clearly to a public audience.

Community Living: 
Mission: Wolf operates as a close-knit community, isolated from towns and cities. Our staff need to have great communication skills, have experience working with people, and be comfortable living and working with others.


Housing: We have heated living spaces for our winter and spring staff. Fall staff may live in tents until early October, when freezing temperatures begin. A heated space is either a tipi with a woodstove, or an unheated space to store personal items and a bed in a heated bunkhouse. Access to our community kitchen building and staff bathroom (towels provided). Access to our washing machine.

Food: Participation in our community kitchen. Mission: Wolf provides the food. You prepare breakfast and lunch on your own and participate in cooking daily community dinners.

Transportation: Transportation to and from a local airport, bus, or train station (Colorado Springs and Pueblo are the closest). Parking space for a car if you choose to drive.

Technology: High speed wireless internet, access to community laptops, access to a landline with free long distance and international calling to many countries.

Bonus Stuff:
• Staff camping trips funded by Mission: Wolf several times each summer.
• Access to our collection of outdoor equipment.

Apply For A Volunteer Position

Application deadline: We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Notification date: We notify volunteers no later than two months prior to their start date. For international volunteers, we try to give three months to allow for visa applications.

Summer positions are competitive. If you have any questions about summer staff positions, responsibilities, skills, or your suitability, please call our staff coordinator, at 719-859-2157 or email here.

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