Ambassador Wolf Program

The Ambassador Wolf Program continues to travel across the country each spring and fall.  During the months of October and November the wolf bus will travel in the New England Area, traveling though the Midwest.  In April the bus travels to the West, primarily in the Rockies and covers our home state of Colorado.


     Responding to overwhelming requests for wolf education, we find ourselves in the midst of scheduling programs across the U.S.. In a busy twelve weeks, the wolf bus will cover more than 15,000 miles and reach over 30,000 people ranging from the Idaho Rocky Mountains to Maine’s hardwood forests. The wolf bus visits the East Coast in the Fall, and the West Coast in the Spring. The impact that a face-to-face experience with a wolf has on people cannot be compared to all the videos, books and photos combined. Each year the wolf program collaborates with many wildlife and conservation organizations to bring attention and support to all species.
It is this personal experience that allows individuals to find value and respect for nature.  A fourth grader stated it best: “I forget what I hear - I remember what I see - and - I understand what I touch.”  Years of experience in public education have proven this true.  It is inspiring and entertaining to witness the most avid nature lover start hyperventilating when they meet a wolf face to face. After a moment eye to eye with a wolf, they gasp and start breathing again, as a look of admiration and respect fills their face.  This seems to be an experience that people remember for a lifetime and truly helps them learn to care about nature. 
      Meeting a wolf face to face continues to motive people long after the experience.  They want their friends and family to meet the wolves too.  This has resulted in an insatiable demand from Americans wanting Ambassador Wolf Programs nation-wide.  For 20 consecutive years, Kent Weber has lead the Ambassador Wolves across the country time and again, trying to satisfy this demand and educating everyone who would listen about wolves and wilderness.  The results has been overwhelming and inspiring, to say the least.       Now that wild wolves have returned to the United States, the need for public education and Ambassador World programs is greater then ever.  As gray wolves are removed from the Endangered Species List, it will be all the more important for people to understand what a wolf really is, and how to co-exist with them.  People are slowly recognizing the benefits of having large predators in our ecosystems and how this will improve their future.  To witness our society’s attempt to adjust to living with large predators again is an inspiration to millions of people.

However, many Americans are determined to possess the things they cherish.  As public interest in nature increases, so does private ownership of wild animals.  Today, there are more wolves confined to life in a cage than one can find living in the wild of the United States.  Ex-pet wolves and wolf dog crosses area being cast away at alarming rates.  Many end up homeless or are simply destroyed before they hit three-years-old.  Mission: Wolf takes in the wolves and wolf-dog crosses that we can, however, we turn away homeless animals each week and has turned down over 6,000 requests over the years.
The overall message of the Ambassador Wolf Program is one of respect for all things wild and free.  Direct interactions with live wolves illustrate wolf behavior, the differences between wolves and dogs, and the need for wolves to return to the wilderness areas of the world.  Experience has taught us that the eyes of a wolf, looking into yours, relate this message louder and stronger than words ever will.
The Ambassador Wolves of Mission: Wolf has now visited with over 600,000 individuals in formal programs.  Each program is structured to accommodate individual audience needs and interests.  Our approach is straightforward without political overtones and focuses on common-sense biology and sociology. 
      To set up an Ambassador Wolf Program in your area please visit our How to Schedule a Program Page.   Due to limited time and resources, we can only respond to about 20% of these requests, so please be patient and persistent.  Planning usually needs to start months in advance, so don’t wait too long.  And remember... the more programs that can be set-up in your area, the more likely it is that we can come.How to Schedule a Program
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