Memorials, Endowments, and Thank Yous

Memorial to Honor Wolf-loving People

The following individuals are greatly missed by their families and the staff at Mission: Wolf. We send our prayers and gratitude. To make a donation to Mission: Wolf in memory of a friend or loved one, click here.

Faith Chesnutt
Eugene S. Principe Jr.
Wanda Gorski
Jacqueline Greber
James N. Cost
Mathew Demara
Weston Griffiths
Ginny Fleming
Taylor Brandon Schaeffer
Carol Ragan
Carol Daniel
Thomas A. Hadlow
David O'Connor
Lynn Donaldson
Alyssa Weaver
Dave Stout
Alda L. West

Eugene S PrincipeIn the summer of 2001, Eugene Principe's estate provided the seed money for our Wolf Endowment Fund. The interest from this fund will be distributed annually to assure for the continued operation of the sanctuary and Ambassador Wolf Program. 

Eugene Principe lived in New York City and was known as a kind, loving, gentle and generous person. He spent much of his time helping those less fortunate, both animal and human. He was nominated for Volunteer of the Year by the Mayor's office of New York. If it can be said that it is animals that make us human, then certainly Gene's legacy to them demonstrates a monumental humanity.

The Wolf Endowment Fund will also help provide for the purchase of additional land adjacent to the refuge. This land will become part of the Mission: Wolf Wildlife Preserve and will be placed in a conservation trust so it will be protected from development for decades to come.

To help assure that the work of Mission: Wolf continues to benefit future generations we have created several endowment levels for individuals who wish to contribute. If you desire to speak to a M:W staff member in person, please e-mail the refuge.