Broken Bus

Thank You Everyone for your support and concern for the broken wolf bus- Kent and Tracy have very limited internet access and will post up dates as soon as possible. The bus, Kent, Tracy, Magpie, Abraham and Zeab, will be sitting in the diesel shop in Salt Lake City Utah thru next week. Please see the CBS interview for more information.

We need to raise $30,000-$35,000 thousand do
llars for the fix. Please if anyone can help us with this substantial expense you can donate online here or contact the sancuary at or 719-859-2157.

Both the bus engine and the transmission are completely trashed and are being rebuilt. For over a decade we have been blessed to make this old marine corp bus, that we converted into the wolf bus, run from coast to coast teaching hundreds of thousands of people the true nature of wolves.

We look forward to continuing the ambassador wolf program in a reliable running vehicle for a few more years. Sponsors for the wolf program such as the Bend Oregon High Desert Museum and Defenders of Wildlife have graciously rescheduled our events. Thank You Very Much! Tracy Ane Brooks Co-Founder Mission:Wolf

Update 4/29/11=
The bus is getting worked on, the wolves just finished a sunset howl in SLC, and we have over 50% of our goal achieved. Cheers from the wolf bus.