Wolf-Dog Help and Information

Want to buy a wolf or a wolf-dog? After spending 25 years picking up the pieces for people whose pets didn't work out like they wanted, we ask you to reconsider. We estimate that 80% of the quarter million wolf-dog puppies that are sold in the USA each year are killed before their first birthday. Wolves and wolf-dogs need special care, and don't fit into a standard definition of what a pet should be. Click here for an introduction to wolves and wolf-dogs as pets.


So you want to buy a wolf-dog...

Think you can care for a wild animal? Take our questionnaire to see what parts of your life a wolf-dog will and won't fit into.

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Caring for wolves and wolf-dogs

Information for wolf and wolf-dog owners who need help caring for their animal. Advice on land, fencing, enclosures, feeding, and interacting with your animal.

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Rolling the dice: mixing wolves and dogs

Wolves and dogs are genetically the same species, but you never know what you're going to get when you breed them together. People want an animal that looks like a wolf and acts like a dog, but we've never seen one of those.

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your options

What can I do with my problem wolf-dog?

Here at Mission: Wolf, we have turned down over 10,000 wolves and wolf-dogs over the years. Finding a new home can be impossible for your animal, so what are your options?

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