Wolves in the Wild


A History of Wild Wolves in North America

The moment the first wolf faced its fear and stepped into the circle of light cast by man's fire has been lost in time. In that now obscure moment, the history of man and wolf was forever changed.

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trophic cascade

A Wolf's Role in the Ecosystem - The Trophic Cascade

People used to think that plants determined the health of an ecosystem from the ground up. Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, we're seeing that carnivores like wolves have a bigger role in a healthy environment than we thought.

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Seeing Wolves

Seeing Wolves in the Wild

Have you ever wanted to catch a glimpse of a wild wolf? You're in luck. Since reintroduction in 1995, we have wild wolves in 13 states! It's not easy though; wolves are skittish enough to abandon their puppies to escape humans. Seeing a wild wolf takes dedication and persistence.

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