Horse Teaching Barn

For years, Mission: Wolf has taken local rancher’s animals that were in need of being put down due to poor health. We use this valuable meat to help feed the wolves a healthy raw meat diet.  Our need for a place to keep these horses is three-fold. First, we need a place to keep these donated horses in the short-term. Secondly, we need a place to house our own herd. Lastly, we need a training ground for people who wish to gain more experience in understanding the animal behavior. It is our goal is to create a 3500 sq. ft. teaching facility to shelter the horses. This would include a spacious place where we can invite animal professionals to share their expertise on animal behavior and to provide a fully functional veterinarian room and recovery area for both wolves and horses. Mission:Wolf continues to improve the way in which people understand and care for animals. This structure will help the sanctuary’s animals and allow us to expand our educational work with future visitors and volunteers. Inspiring people to care for nature helps us achieve our mission. We have already started digging the foundation and plan to pour the footers soon.
In 2006 we saw the need for a barn to help care for the number of unwanted horses. In 2007 we created a large-scale plan to create a teaching horse barn. This solar-powered, earth-bermed, 3500 sq ft barn will provide shelter for five horses, a food storage area, a vet room for both horses and wolves, bathroom, a hayloft, workroom and caretaker apartment. This facility will be used to increase our ability to care for more unwanted horses as well as provide veterinarians an on-site area to work on both wolves and horses. A big rodent proof storage area will improve our ability to plan ahead, purchase bulk quantities allowing us to store larger quanities of food for the refuge animals.
In 2008 we started with the construction of a small horse shed and pasture that has sheltered over fifty horses. A permanent barn site was secured. In 2009 we acquired the framing materials, finalized blueprints, obtained building permits and leveled the ground to prepare for the construction of a foundation and large retaining wall. 

In 2014 we anticipate completing the foundation retaining wall and erecting the primary structure. We have groups lined up this year to provide up to 10,000 hours of volunteer labor. We are seeking materials to provide these groups the items required to complete the foundation and exterior finishes. In 2014 we anticipate completing the interior finishes and caretaker apartment. We are in need of funds, building materials to finish a teaching horse barn and this will improve our ability to help animals and provide learning opportunities.

Together As part of this project, Mission:Wolf will collaborate with several organizations and donors such as Service Civil International (SCI), International Voluntary Services (IVS), YMCA, Native American Programs, the Moondance Institute, and many more. College internships include Colorado College, CU, DU, and Pikes Peak Community College. Participants will work to coordinate and lead partnerships with local businesses that support our work. Some of these include Ace Hardware, Colorado Quarries, and Solar Solutions.

Barn Raising

Barn Raising

This Topic is under construction. Content coming 5/1/2013 or sooner. 

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror "Reflective Horse and Wolf Behavior"

Mimicry, or mirroring, is a technique that can be used to gentle spirited animals and catch and halter horses that are wary of humans and being caught. This involves approaching the animal and mimicking its behavior until it becomes confortable in your presence. This process can take a long time, and requires great amounts of patience, but can be very rewarding in the long term. For more information, please visit Tracy Ane Brooks's website,, and look for her book to hit bookstores soon.

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Unwanted Horses Help Information

Mission: Wolf periodically takes in horses that are at then end of their lives so they can be utilized to feed our wolves. If you have a sick or injured horse, please contact us at 719-859-2157. If you have an unwanted horse and are looking for a place to take it for the long term, please visit Tracy Ane Brooks's website page on horse rescues and rescuers here

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