The Travelling Ambassador Wolf Program

The Ambassador Wolf program is currently suspended, until at least Fall 2018. Please hold all inquiries until then. We are deciding the future of our program based on our animals, staff, and many other factors.

Historically, we travelled with a few wolves for 2-6 months out of each year. After 25 tours to the East Coast, we have put the program on hold in order to work more closely with the thousands of visitors who visit our Colorado sanctuary each year. The future of our Ambassador Wolf program depends on our animals: it takes a special wolf to be able to meet hundreds of people, and we're still looking at our options for the future.

About Programs

About our ambassador wolf programs

For twenty years, Mission: Wolf has toured the country with our ambassador wolves, meeting politicians, environmental activists, students, and the general public. We cover more than 15,000 miles each year to engage with the public and educate about wolves. The lasting impact of a face-to-face wolf encounter is unequaled.

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To Schedule

How To Schedule a Wolf Program

Our ambassador wolf program visits New England each October and November and tours the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest each April. We do educational programs for schools, colleges, government agencies, environmental groups, and general public audiences.

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A Look at Travelling with Wolves

Over the years, the ambassador wolves of Mission: Wolf have met over one million people. "Wolfhound", our remodeled greyhound bus, takes to the road for three months of the year. It's a challenge to travel with wolves, but it gets easier as we learn more each year.

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A History of Ambassador Wolves

Since the 1960's, captive-born wolves with the courage to meet humans have educated the public, dispelled myths, and removed prejudices. We call these wolves ambassadors for their species.

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